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Postby F2C Admin » Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:25 pm

Freedom2Choose was born out of the frustration and anger felt by ordinary members of the general public at the way in which our freedoms, choices and democracy are being eroded.

Our campaign is not about the promotion of smoking, many of us are not and have never been smokers, but about allowing the free use of a legal product by consenting adults in privately owned premises.

The smoking bans are the pivotal issue in the drive towards a healthist state and the perfect model citizen. It has already been witnessed in other countries that these bans are a precursor for bans and restrictions on other personal freedoms not least of which are food and alcohol.

Thank you for your support; if you want to join the hundreds of friendly campaigners using these forums please Click Here To Register so that you can access the discussion areas, read and post.

Unfortunately we have to run a closed forum to prevent spammers and other dodgy posting from spoiling your enjoyment.

Please do register as we always need people with legal knowledge, organisational or other skills, or just those keen to be involved - everyone is welcome to join in the fight.

There is plenty to join in with once you've registered - including discussion of the science, politics and law relating to smoking bans, campaign ideas and news updates, along with more general chat.

You may wish to indicate your occupation or interests when you complete your profile at registration, along with your location, which will be useful to know as we are becoming more regionally organised.

Could you also please check that your time zone is set correctly in your profile as we have members from all over the world and it makes following discussions much easier.

You can always go back and edit your profile at any time and add further information as you become a more experienced member.

Thank you for your support
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