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There are various options available after logging on, but it may first be a good idea to check your profile. To access this select PROFILE from the top of the page. It is s good idea to put in your location. Other members will then see where you are located. If you want to add a SIGNATURE to your posts this can be done by typing the text into the signature box. A signature is a piece of text which will appear after all your posts. After adding the text click on ALWAYS SHOW MY SIGNATURE (if you always want it shown) then click submit, at the bottom of the page. The TIME ZONE can also be set on the PROFILE page. This is currently GMT + 1 hour.
If you would like to have an AVATAR this can be set on the PROFILE page. An avatar is a small picture, or icon, which will appear under your name in your posts. There are two ways of doing this. At the bottom of the profile page you will see information on avatars. You can either select one from the gallery or choose your own. To select one from the gallery, select gallery, pick the avatar you like and click on the small button underneath it. Once you have done this click submit and the avatar will then be displayed under your name in your posts. This will apply to all the posts you have made. To select a picture from your own PC select browse to see what is available. You will need to edit the picture so it is no larger than 150 X 150 pixels and no larger than 24KBs.

On the Welcome To The F2C Discussion Forums main page you can serach for posts by clicking on SEARCH at the top of the page. This will open another page where you can enter what you are looking for. Part of a sentence will be enough. Then click search.
You can also search for posts by members names, in case you can't remember the right phrase, but remember who wrote it.
Also, at the bottom of the search page, is the option to serach for Topics or Posts. TOPICS will just give you a list of thread titles in which a post with your search criteria is held. POSTS will display a list of the actual posts that contain your search critria and the first 20 or so words from that post. This method is far more useful for finding what you want. The default option is Topics, with the rest of the options being self explanatory.

Also on the same page, you can click on MEMBERLIST. Again, this will open a new page which will display a list of members from the earliest, ascending. There are various methods of searching and these can be selected by clicking on the arrow next to the search method and either ascending or descending.
Information about each member will be displayed and all will have PM next to their name. Select this to send a private message to the person. Some will have EMAIL and this should be selected to send an email to them. This will be sent using your PC's email programme. Some may also have WWW and selecting this will go to their website.

To get to the forum index, click on WELCOME TO THE F2C FORUMS FORUM INDEX. This is in blue under the F2C Forums logo at the top left of the page. It can be accessed from any page you are viewing and will always take you back to the index. At the bottom of the page is a list of members who are online. At the top right of the page are differnt ways of reading posts. You can select VIEW POSTS SINCE LAST VISIT. This will do as it says and you will notice that some posts may have an orange envelope icon, which you can click on. This shows the newest post. The far right column shows the author, clicking on the authors name will take you to their profile. Also in this column you may see more orange envelope icons. These show the latest posts by that author.
At the bottom of the page you can select which posts you would like displayed. This can be all posts (default) to 1 year, and oldest first (default) or newest.
As some topics are quite long you can select LAST PAGE or a particular page number. The first and last few page numbers only will be displayed in long topics. You can always select PREVIOUS or NEXT from the page you are viewing.

If you would like to reply to a post this can be done by selecting POST REPLY, at the bottom of the thread. You may also be able to start a new topic by selecting the icon next to post reply. If new topics are not permitted you will receive a message. Under the page number there is the option to WATCH TOPIC FOR REPLIES. If you select this you will receive an email, to your registered email address, when a reply has been posted. The email will contain a link to the topic and clicking on this will take you there, via the log in page. The email will also contain a link to STOP WATCHING TOPIC. If you always want to recive notification of PRIVATE MESSAGES received, this can be set up in your PROFILE.
There are many options available when posting. These include different text sizes, colours and fonts. You can also add quotes links etc. Perhaps the best way of learning how to do this is by selecting BBCode which is in blue at the left hand side of your message reply. This link has comprehensive information.

After reading all this you may wonder which is the best way to get started. Perhaps this would be by introducing yourself in the INTRODUCE YOURSELF section. Here you could let everyone know a little about yourself, you may have some skills which could be useful. People will already know where you are, if you entered your location in your profile, you may want to elaborate on this. Please let us know how you heard about us. It may feel a bit daunting doing your first post but I'm sure you will be made to feel welcome. Once you get into the hang of things it will all beome easier. Don't worry if you make a mistake, most of us have.
If you get stuck with anything please don't hesitate to ask someone for help.
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