Frequently Asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Postby F2C Admin » Mon Jul 23, 2007 3:41 pm

  • Why can't I post new topics in all the forums?

    As the message board grows it becomes increasingly difficult to find information and maintain some kind of order when there are thousands of different topics. There is therefore a section called "Start Your Own Topic" where you can start a topic about anything you like; if that topic proves popular and there is active discussion, it will be moved to the appropriate section on the message boards. This makes it easier for users to find information that is of interest to them without having to go through hundreds of threads that aren't.

  • What can I do if someone is wandering miles off topic in my vitally important thread?

    You should politely suggest to them that their wonderful new idea should have a thread all of its own and ask them to place it in the "Start Your Own Topic" section to see what response it gets.

  • How can I bring something to the attention of the mods

    You should post all questions to the mods in the "Ask The Mods" section, if you post questions to them in the other forums they may well miss them. Try to avoid sending PM's to the mods wherever possible, they won't start topics in a given category until they have been tested in the "Start Your Own Topic" category

  • Why do some of the pages scroll sideways?

    This is caused by users pasting in long URL's that won't fit in the space available on a single line. To avoid it happening please use the code below;

    Code: Select all
    [url=full URL address goes here]Name of the link goes here[/url]

    Code: Select all
    [url=]Freedom To Choose[/url]

    This will appear on your post as the following clickable link; Freedom To Choose

  • How do I start a poll?

    All registered users can start a poll in the "Start Your Own Topic Section". Polls can only be started at the time a new topic is set.
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