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Forum Etiquette

Postby F2C Admin » Tue Jul 24, 2007 2:00 pm

  1. Keep On Topic

    Don't spoil other people's threads and hard work by straying off topic in their threads. Not only does this interupt discussion but it also causes the moderator work by having to reorganise threads.

  2. Don't Bug The Mods

    If you have a question look in the FAQ's section first. If you do need to ask, place your question in the "Ask The Mods" category.

  3. Make Your Posts Helpful To Other Users

    Don't just post a link; post a title or short description as well so that other users can easily see if it is of interest.

  4. Avoid long quotes

    If you are responding to a long post, don't quote the whole thing, delete all of the parts except the bits you are referring to. No one wants to read it all twice!
  5. Keep it civil

    If you have a personal disagreement with another member and insist on letting them know about it, please keep it OFF the public forums by confining it to private messages (PMs) or emails using the appropriate buttons below their posts. Any offending posts or topics will be deleted.
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